A client’s experience with lip fillers

Lip Filler Dublin
A client’s experience with lip fillers

“Why did you choose Eden medical clinic to have your lip fillers ?”

“I have been wanting to get lip fillers for a long time now and I thought it best to do my research and find a clinic online. I searched on Google and came across Eden Medical Clinic. I saw the five-star Google reviews and I said I would look you up on Facebook. I then saw more five star reviews and I loved what people had to say about the clinic so I decided to book in. The price was also ideal at 325 euro for 1ml.”

“That’s great feedback to hear ! Thank you for choosing us for your lip fillers. How did your appointment go?”

“My appointment went really well. I had a consultation first and I decided to go for one mill of Restylane Kysse. The doctor and I thought that would be the perfect amount to create the look that I wanted. I wanted to add natural volume and I didn’t want to be obvious that I had lip fillers done. I had numbing cream applied first which meant I had no pain during the injections. The injections themselves took about 10 minutes in general. She massaged my lips afterwards to make sure that the filler was smooth. I was advised to use ice that night and to also pick up Arnica cream at the chemist which is good to heal any bruising.”

“How did you feel the day after your lip fillers ?”

“The next day I had some swelling but no bruising. The swelling didn’t bother me as I knew it was temporary and it would go down within a day or two. I still could do everything I needed to do on that day like go to the shops and I even met a friend for lunch !The swelling didn’t bother me that much at all.”

“Did you go back for a review after your lip fillers?”

“Yes, I went back a week later to have my lips checked after the filler was placed .They felt perfect and I was considering to cancel my review as I knew I didn’t need any further treatment. I went in anyways so that they could have a look. The doctor checked my lips to make sure that the filler felt really smooth which it did. I absolutely loved the look of my lips. They still looked like my own…the shape was the same, but with added volume and plenty of more lip to put lipliner and lipstick on. “

“Overall ,how would you rate your experience?”

“I would rate my experience as 10 out of 10. From start to finish the service was very professional, the staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease, and more importantly, the result was perfect and exactly what I wanted.I will definitely choose Eden in the future for more Lip Fillers . Thank you for the amazing treatment.”

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