Keep your Décolletage looking great

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Keep your Décolletage looking great

The décolletage is ‘a woman’s cleavage as revealed by a low neckline on a dress or top’. To keep your décolletage looking great, read on.

When it comes to moisturising and hydrating the skin, everybody’s primary concern is their face. It stares back at you from the mirror every day, and you are acutely aware of every line, wrinkle and blemish that appears. The décolletage, however, does not enjoy the same celebrity status as it spends a great deal of time hidden from view and so does not receive equal care and attention.

When you moisturise, your face and even your neck are well looked after, but to keep your décolletage looking great, you need to extend your skincare routine to include it. There are many people out there with a youthful face and the décolletage of an older woman. The décolletage has more fragile skin than your face. The skin layers are thinner, there is less fat, and the blood flow is different.

Much of the damage done to the skin of the décolletage is self-inflicted. We all adore hot weather and sun holidays where we can parade around in bikinis, low necked tops and dresses, but may leave our skin to fend for itself, apart from the odd application of sunscreen. We drink too much alcohol, which dehydrates the skin, without replenishing the moisture with other fluids, especially water. The majority of us live in houses where, right about now, we are turning on the central heating and drying out the atmosphere.

Having said all this, the news is not all doom and gloom. You can help to keep your décolletage looking great by taking the following steps:

  • Up your intake of water to maintain hydration at a maximum
  • Moisturise your skin regularly
  • Restrict your exposure to the intense sun for extended periods; and make sure you apply sunscreen
  • Spend less time bent over your phone. This constant leaning forward over the phone leads to a breakdown of the structure of the collagen and elastin in your skin, making it more prone to sagging
  • Ensure you get enough sleep – poor sleep habits wreak havoc on your skin
  • Sleep on your back to avoid the appearance of sleep wrinkles
  • Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser every day; this will purify your skin without stripping moisture
  • Exfoliate regularly to get rid of any build-up of dead skin cells and give a healthy glow to your skin
  • Avail of cosmetic aesthetic treatments

Profhilo is an ideal cosmetic aesthetic treatment that can add hydration to the skin. A dermal filler containing Hyaluronic Acid, it can make the skin appear fresher, more youthful and improve the tone and elasticity. The compounds within the dermal filler also stimulate the production of four different types of collagen and elastin in the skin.

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