Viscoderm – An Exciting New Anti-Ageing Treatment

Viscoderm treatment

Profhilo, an injectable anti-ageing skin treatment manufactured from Hyaluronic Acid, and used to rehydrate the skin and boost the production of collagen and elastin, has been available for some time. It’s sister product Viscoderm – an exciting new anti-aging treatment, another Hyaluronic Acid injectable, is now available.

How are Profhilo and Viscoderm different?

How do these two treatments differ from each other, you may ask? Well, for a start, there are three different concentrations of Viscoderm available that are suited to different types of treatment.

  • 8mg of Hyaluronic acid in 1ml of injectable material – recommended for areas where the skin is particularly thin or delicate, and for prevention treatments.
  • 16mg of Hyaluronic Acid in 1ml of injectable material – recommended for treatments of the face, neck, décolletage and hands; also for prevention, restructuring and maintenance
  • 20mg of Hyauronic Acid in 1ml of injectable material – recommended for restructuring treatments where the skin is thicker, and to act as a filler in some deeper wrinkles and scars.

Viscoderm – an exciting new anti-ageing treatment not only improves skin hydration and brightness, but also improves cellular nutrition and skin roughness. Due to the different concentrations, Viscoderm is highly effective at treating all types of skin areas from the mid to deep areas of the dermis, to quite superficial, thin layers.

Viscoderm Hydrobooster is particularly useful for treating the most dynamic areas of the face that show moderate to advanced signs of ageing, particularly round the eyes and on the forehead. Viscoderm – An Exciting New Anti-Ageing Treatment

How many Viscoderm treatments will I need?

Four treatment sessions with two to three week intervals between each cycle are recommended. You should ideally have this treatment twice a year.

How long does the treatment last for?

The length of time that that treatment lasts will differ for everyone as Hyaluronic Acid breaks down in the body, and everyone has a different metabolic rate. However, the treatment does have a cumulative effect as it encourages the body to produce its own elastin and collagen, therefore, you should not build up a tolerance, or need to increase the dosage of your treatment each time.

Is the treatment recommended for everyone?

Anyone with a known sensitivity to Hyaluronic Acid, or pregnant and breastfeeding women, should avoid this treatment.

How does the treatment take place?

A local anaesthetic is placed on the injection sites and left to take effect, before the material is injected.

What are the possible side effects?

The side effects are minimal as Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in the body. Most side effects will actually be related to the injection sites, not to the injectable material, and may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Discolouration
  • Tenderness

We will soon be offering this treatment at Eden Medical Clinic, so if you would like any more information, or would like to talk to Dr Emma about this, or any of our other treatments, please don’t hesitate to ring and make an appointment for a free consultation.

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