Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular aesthetic treatment in Ireland today. This non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by targeting specific facial muscles that cause wrinkles to appear. Anti-wrinkle injections offer prevention & treatment at the same time and are a safe and effective aesthetic treatment to get smoother younger-looking skin. Cosmetic injections are administered by our highly qualified aesthetic doctors after a complimentary consultation to give the natural younger look you want.
Anti-wrinkle Injections are on the frontline of anti-ageing treatments. When injected in small doses into targeted areas, it blocks the signals between the nerves and the muscles, causing the muscles to relax. They reduce the appearance of lines to produce a look that is fresh, more youthful, and most importantly, natural.


From €165.00

Doctor / Senior Doctor & Consultant

  • Standard 1 area €165 / €180
  • Standard 2 areas €225 / €250
  • Standard 3 areas €275 / €305
  • Standard 4 areas €305 / €335
  • Standard 5 areas €345 / €395


  • Strong 1 area €195 / €210
  • Strong 2 areas €255 / €280
  • Strong 3 areas €305 / €335
  • Strong 4 areas €335 / €365
  • Strong 5 areas €375 / €425

From £120

  • Standard 1 area £120
  • Standard 2 areas £170
  • Standard 3 areas £220
  • Standard 4 areas £270
  • Standard 5 areas £320


  • Strong 1 area £150
  • Strong 2 areas £200
  • Strong 3 areas £250
  • Strong 4 areas £300
  • Strong 5 areas £350
Anti-wrinkle Injections

About Anti-Wrinkle Injections

What to Expect

The anti-wrinkle injections take about 15 minutes during which a local anaesthetic is applied to the injection sites on your face. Small quantities of the anti-wrinkle treatment are injected into the face to target muscles that would’ve caused creases to appear where collagen had been broken down over time and with ageing. A follow-up review can be scheduled two weeks after the treatment.

Standard Injections

The ‘standard’ result offers a degree of movement in the muscle. Lines will appear reduced, skin will appear smoother and you will be able to maintain some movement associated with expression. Standard doses of anti-wrinkle injections are administered.

Strong Injections

The ‘strong’ result offers little to no movement in the muscle. If you want a more frozen look, this is the option for you. Doses of anti-wrinkle injections administered will be higher than if you chose the ‘standard’ option.

After Your Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Side Effects

The side effects are minimal and temporary. The most common injection-related reactions are
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Itching
  • Discolouration
  • Tenderness
These generally resolve within 2-7 days. If you suffer from cold sores, this treatment may trigger an outbreak.

After Care

To avoid swelling and bruising:
  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or Advil for two days after treatment, OR for one week prior to treatment
  • Do not ice the swollen area as you may disturb the product placed
  • Do not rub or massage face for four hours after treatment – this will spread the injected material to other muscles in your face
  • Avoid exercise, apart from walking, for 24 hours after treatment.

Anti-Wrinkle Injection Areas

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to lessen wrinkles in different parts of the face for both men and women, with the most common areas being the sides of the eyes, forehead, bunny and barcode lines. They also treat other parts like the jawline, chin, downturned mouth, lips, gummy smile, and eyelids.

Benefits of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Eden Medical's anti-wrinkle injections target the forehead, crow's feet, frown lines, and excessive underarm sweating, offering a comprehensive solution for a rejuvenated appearance.

Smooth & Protect

Smooth lines and halt new wrinkles with Eden’s Anti-Wrinkle Injections for a lasting youthful look.

Beyond Wrinkle Reduction

Tackle other issues like hyperhidrosis and bruxism with our versatile Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

Enhance & Harmonise

Lift and balance features with Eden’s Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

DAO Downturned mouth

Anti-Wrinkle Results

Anti-wrinkle treatment should last for around three to four months. Additional treatments will be necessary to maintain your youthful look.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Before and After

Check out some of our incredible anti-wrinkle injection results below.

Anti-Wrinkle Injection FAQs

Anti-wrinkle injections are a popular cosmetic procedure that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

Anti-wrinkle injections work by temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles. The injections contain a purified protein that targets specific muscles, preventing them from contracting and causing wrinkles to form.

Yes, anti-wrinkle injections are generally considered safe when performed by a trained and qualified professional. However, it’s important to disclose your medical history and any medications you’re taking to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.

Most people experience minimal discomfort during anti-wrinkle injections. The needles used are very fine, and some clinics may offer topical anesthesia or ice packs to numb the area beforehand.

Yes, anti-wrinkle injections are generally effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

They work by relaxing the muscles beneath the skin, making the skin appear smoother and less wrinkled. The results can vary depending on individual factors such as skin type, depth of wrinkles, and the area treated. It’s recommended to consult with a qualified practitioner to assess suitability and expected outcomes.

The treatment typically takes around 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated.

The results of anti-wrinkle injections usually become noticeable within a few days, with full effects visible after about two weeks. The duration of the results can vary, but typically they last between three to four months.

While most people are suitable candidates for anti-wrinkle injections, it’s important to consult with a medical professional to determine if the treatment is right for you. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and individuals with certain medical conditions may be advised against the procedure.

No, the results of anti-wrinkle injections are temporary. Over time, the muscles gradually regain their movement, and wrinkles may reappear. To maintain the results, repeat treatments are typically recommended every few months.

The effects of anti-wrinkle injections typically last between 3 to 6 months. The duration can vary depending on individual factors like the area treated, the amount of product used, and the individual’s metabolism. Regular treatments can maintain the effect, and some individuals may find that over time, they require treatments less frequently.

Areas of Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Injection Information

Smoother skin
3-4 months
Local anaesthetic
All clinics
Pregnancy, breastfeeding, muscle problems, nerve damage
15 minutes



What Our Patients Say About Us

What an absolute pleasure to visit the Cork clinic. The girls on reception and the doctor are the whole package! Thanks for all your time, explanations on treatments and care. Looking forward to my next visit already!


So happy with my results with Dr.Emma. After only one treatment I’ve seen huge results. Such a beautiful clinic with lovely staff. Highly recommend Eden medical and looking forward to visiting again!


I have been attending Eden Medical for BBL Laser. The laser has made differences to redness and thread veins. I love dealing with Dee she is so kind and comforting and so its lovely to deal with such nice people.


Could not recommend Dr.Cliona more. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and advised me on the right path to take in order to achieve my desired look. All members of the team at the Stepaside clinic were so welcoming and kind. Thank you all again! 😊


I found Grainnè brilliant made me feel very comfortable and made me feel very relaxed Im delighted with my results I would highly recommend her for anyone looking too book in. Will definitely be returning ❤️


It’s always a pleasure to visit Eden Medical, Limerick. As well as being professional and knowledgeable about all the treatments available, every staff member is kind, welcoming and friendly. The clinic is beautiful and quality of treatments 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend ⭐️


Excellent professional service. Booking online was very simple and straightforward. All aspects of my treatment were thoroughly explained as well as my after care.


Wonderful staff, very friendly and relaxing. Doctor/injector ran me through everything and reassured me. I was nervous about having fillers especially being under my eyes as the first time doing filler.. I'm happy I did it and will be back 💜



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