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Why We Feel That Azzalure Is The Best Toxin

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Giving you a more natural younger look, with fewer injections is just one reason why we feel that Azzalure is the best toxin when it comes to anti-aging treatment.

No longer just for the rich and famous…

Anti-aging injections have been used as medical aesthetic treatments for decades. What was once purely an anti-ageing treatment used by the rich and famous, it is now a treatment that is accessible to everyone. It is possible to have wrinkles filled; lips plumped; gummy smiles relaxed; crow’s feet eradicated, and even hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) treated. Did you know, however, that there is more than one type of anti-aging toxin available? In this week’s blog, we let you know why we, at the Eden Medical Clinic, feel that Azzalure is the best toxin for use in our treatments.

How does Azzalure differ from regular anti-aging toxin?

Azzalure is a local muscle relaxant that has been adapted from the anti wrinkle type A and is specifically designed for aesthetic cosmetic use. There is actually very little difference between other anti-aging toxins and Azzalure. Azzalure is, however, comprised of smaller molecules which means that the liquid spreads out farther from the injection point. At Eden Medical, we feel that this results in a more natural look that can be achieved with fewer injections; this also has the added bonus of causing less discomfort to the patient. A further benefit of the makeup of Azzalure, is that a less concentrated serum is necessary.

Which are the areas in which we feel that Azzalure is the best toxin?Apples showing Anti-Wrinkle

At the Eden Medical Clinic we use Azzalure for

Azzalure is a great solution for all of the above treatments as it produces results quickly. Results may last slightly longer than other anti-aging toxins, and due to its lower concentration, it is less likely to cause a resistance build up in the patient. Some patients who use regular toxins over an extended period of time can become resistant to the serum. This results in ever increasing doses of the toxin being necessary to maintain a look. In very rare cases, patients have developed an actual immunity to the serum where their bodies create antibodies which block the effects of the treatment.

Are Azzalure injections safe?

As Azzalure was created specifically for use in medical aesthetic treatments it is very safe. However, before any treatment is given at the Eden Medical Clinic, all patients have a free consultation and medical assessment with our highly qualified, experienced medical staff. If the treatment is suitable for you, a personalised and detailed treatment plan, along with a defined goal, will be drawn up.

Are Azzalure injections suitable for everyone?

Azzalure injections should be avoided by people who have muscle problems, nerve damage, or who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Do Azzalure injections have side effects?

Any side effects are usually as a result of the actual injection itself, rather than the serum. Redness, swelling and bruising at the injection sites are the most common. If you suffer from cold sores, you may experience an outbreak after the injection.

If you have any more questions about Azzalure and why we feel it is the best toxin, or if you would like to book a consultation, why not get in touch today? 

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